Geo Jr.

Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: March 2, 2020
Stranding Location: Vero Beach, FL

Initial Weight
: 5.85lbs.
Current Weight: 6.16 lbs.

Issue: Fracture

Geo Jr. is a juvenile green sea turtle patient that was found washed ashore in Vero Beach. Radiographs revealed a fracture in the turtle’s left humerus. Geo Jr. will be closely monitored by hospital staff as its fracture heals.

This past winter, Loggerhead Marinelife Center held a Blue Holiday Sustainable Wrapping contest with Palm Beach County District Schools with the chance to win the opportunity to name a new sea turtle patient at The Sea Turtle Hospital at LMC. The winning classroom was Betty Eck's 7th-grade class at Conniston Middle School in West Palm Beach, Florida. The name, Geo Jr., is named after the student, Giovanni, who contributed the most to the project. The class also thought that since Geo means "the earth" it would be a great reminder of why they conducted the sustainable wrapping project. Great job, Conniston Middle School!


Sea_turtle_icon(green) This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


04/03/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Geo Jr. has blood taken and radiographs done this week. The fracture appears to be healing.

03/26/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Geo Jr. did not have blood or weight taken due to restricted handling of the turtle.

03/19/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Geo Jr. did not have blood or weight taken due to restricted handling of the turtle.

03/12/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Geo Jr. is being handled as little as possible to allow the fracture to heal. White blood cell count is normal.

03/02/2020 - New Patient