2020.04.02 Juggernaut (1)


Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: March 28, 2020
Stranding Location: Jupiter, FL

Initial Weight
: 39.64 lbs.
Current Weight: 39.64 lbs.

Issue: Buoyancy Disorder

Juggernaut is a juvenile green sea turtle patient that was found floating in Fort Pierce. The turtle has a caudal carapace deformity from an unknown origin. Radiographs also revealed a large amount of gas and feces in the turtle’s intestines. Juggernaut will receive fluids and antibiotics, and will be closely monitored by hospital staff as the buoyancy disorder is treated.


Sea_turtle_icon(green) This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


05/15/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Juggernaut's white cell count is now normal and he has been taken off of all systemic medications.

05/08/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cell count remaining normal, turtle is resting flat on the bottom.

05/01/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cell count remaining normal.

04/28/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)The turtle is now eating!

04/17/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Still refusing to eat

04/09/2020 - Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Juggernaut is refusing to eat, as some green will often do. His progress is being monitored closely.

03/19/2020 - New Patient