Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: April 9, 2020
Stranding Location: Martin County, FL

Initial Weight
: 4.75 lbs.
Current Weight: 4.75 lbs.

Issue: Chronic Debilitation

Seasol is a juvenile green turtle that was found floating in the ICW in Martin County. It was underweight, covered in leeches and barnacles and had a severe injury to its right front flipper. The turtle was anemic and was started on parenteral nutrition. It has begun to eat on its own and is being treated with antibiotics and fluids.


Sea_turtle_icon(green) This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


05/15/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Seasol's white cell count has increased so the turtle was placed on antibiotics.

05/08/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Seasol's white cell count is normal and packed cel volume is up to 16%.

05/01/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Seasol's white cell count is normal and packed cell volume is up to 12%.

04/24/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Seasol has been taken off parenteral nutrition and is eating well.

04/17/2020 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Seasol continues on parenteral nutrition and the white cell count is coming down.

04/09/2020 - New Patient