Tracking Auntie Roe


Release Date: May 5, 2016
Transmitter Type: Wildlife Computers Splash10F-351
Data Collected: GPS location, Water Temperature, and Behavior Information
Expected Lifespan of Tag: 200 days

Distance From Juno Beach:
40 miles
Current Water Temperature: 81.7°F
Nearest City: Fort Pierce, Florida
Recent Coordinates: Latitude: 27.494, Longitude: -80.279
Total Distance Traveled: 531 miles


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Final Update 6/15/2016
After 41 days of tracking Auntie Roe’s final transmission was sent on June 15, 2016. The turtle was hanging out around the Fort Pierce Inlet when we lost the transmissions.

Auntie Roe swam into the St. Lucie Inlet on May 6th. The turtle swam 32 miles north before heading back south. Auntie Roe has spent much of her time in the Indian River Lagoon around Jensen Beach, Florida. In the past two days, Auntie Roe swam back north and is now closer to Lakewood Park, Florida. This is a good reminder to boaters that they share our waterways with marine life. Help protect these threatened and endangered species by practicing responsible boating, fishing, and driving methods when you are out on the water.

Auntie Roe was successfully released from Juno Beach on May 5, 2016 in front of a large crowd of well-wishers. After returning to the wild, Auntie Roe swam north (just like most of our rehabilitated turtles that have been tracked). Auntie Roe is currently just north of the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. Stay tuned to see where Auntie Roe goes from here.

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