Tracking Big Chase

Big Chase Tag


Release Date: July 14, 2021

Transmitter Type: Wildlife Computers Splash 10F

Data Collected: GPS location, Water Temperature, and Behavior Information

Expected Lifespan of Tag: 6 months to a year

Big Chase is an adult male loggerhead turtle that was found by biologists with Inwater Research Group at FPL’s St. Lucie site on March 13, 2021. The turtle came to The Sea Turtle Hospital at LMC underweight. Radiographs revealed the turtle had intestinal impaction of crab shells and large barnacles. He was treated for debilitation and anemia and was medically cleared for release after four months of rehabilitation. Big Chase was outfitted with a satellite transmitter so biologists can track his progress post-rehabilitation.

Final Update 9/13/2022
After 397 days of tracking, we received our last transmission from Big Chase on August 15, 2022. Big Chase was still located off the coast of Cocoa Beach, Florida when his last transmission sent.

Update 12/10/2021
Big Chase has remained off the coast of Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Update 8/24/2021
After spending a couple days in the Florida Keys, Big Chase traveled back north. On August 13, 2021 he reached an area off of Cocoa Beach, Florida where he seems to have settled in.

Update 7/22/2021
Unlike most of our other rehabilitated turtles, Big Chase hung around Juno Beach, Florida for a few days after his release. He finally started heading south and is currently located off of Dania Beach, Florida.

Update 7/14/2021
Big Chase was released from Juno Beach, Florida on July 14, 2021. Follow along here to see where Big Chase goes!