Tracking Bowden


Release Date: August 26, 2015
Transmitter Type: Wildlife Computers Splash 10AF-344A
Data Collected: GPS location, Water Temperature, and Behavior Information
Expected Lifespan of Tag: 1 year depending on battery life

bowdenDistance From Juno Beach:
(straight line distance): 219 miles
Current Water Temperature: 76.8º F
Nearest City: St. Augustine, Florida
Recent Coordinates: Latitude: 30.040, Longitude: -80.456
Total Distance Traveled: 1,268 miles


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Bowden’s satellite tag stopped transmitting on January 15, 2016, 142 days after the turtle’s release. The turtle was located off shore of St. Augustine, Florida.

On December 12, Bowden began traveling south, likely to find warmer waters. On December 11, the satellite tag recorded water temperatures around 20.6ºC (69º F). Now that Bowden has moved south by approximately 20 miles, water temperatures are around 25ºC (77º F). Since sea turtles are cold-blooded reptiles, their body temperature is within a few degrees of the waters they inhabit. Therefore, when water temperatures decrease, turtles can become “cold stunned” (a hypothermic reaction) if they don’t move to warmer waters.

Researchers are pleased to see that Bowden is exhibiting normal behavior by moving to warmer waters. We will continue to watch Bowden’s track to see how he responds to the upcoming winter months.

Bowden seems to have settled on the area between St. Augustine and Jacksonville, approximately 25 miles off the coast.

Bowden moved north and has been staying around 35 miles off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida since September 19th. Stay tuned to see where he may go next.

After being released, Bowden, like many of our other rehabilitated turtles, swam north. He is currently about 40 miles off the coast of Florida, just south of St. Augustine. So far, Bowden’s deepest dive was recorded on September 5th, when he was recorded at 180 feet deep.

Bowden was outfitted with a satellite tag before being released. This tag will allow LMC biologists to trackBowden‘s movements and behavior via ARGOS transmissions that are made every time he surfaces to breathe. The GPS data are displayed on the above map, made possible by

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