Tracking Heidi

Tracking Heidi


Release Date: May 5, 2021

Transmitter Type: Wildlife Computers Splash 10F

Data Collected: GPS location, Water Temperature, and Behavior Information

Expected Lifespan of Tag: 6 months to a year

Heidi is an adult female hawksbill sea turtle that was found at the FPL St. Lucie site by our colleagues at Inwater Research Group on March 4, 2021. She had predation wounds on all four flippers and underwent surgery for a partial amputation of her left rear flipper upon her arrival at The Sea Turtle Hospital at Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Heidi made a great progress during her rehabilitation and was cleared for release in early May. She was outfitted with a satellite transmitter to track her movements and behavior post-rehabilitation.

Final Update 8/24/2021

Unfortunately, Heidi’s tag stopped transmitting on July 29, 2021. Heidi was still in the Great Bahama Banks when her last location was received.

Update 7/22/2021
Heidi didn’t stay in Miami long and instead made the crossing back to the Bahamas. Heidi seems to have settled into an area on the Great Bahama Bank.

Update 6/7/2021
After getting back to the Florida coast, Heidi has traveled south and is now off of Miami, Florida.

Update 5/30/2021
Heidi surprised us. Instead of staying in the Bahamas, Heidi headed west, got caught in the Gulf Stream which took her north a bit, and then finally made it back to the Florida coast around Sebastian Inlet on May 30th . Stay tuned to see where Heidi goes next!

Update 5/17/2021
After her release, Heidi quickly traveled up the Florida coast reaching Melbourne, Florida on May 8th. Heidi then traveled east and looped south towards the Bahamas.

Update 5/5/2021
Heidi was released from Juno Beach, Florida on May 5, 2021. Follow along to see where Heidi goes!