Tracking Kahuna


Release Date: 7-7-2012
Transmitter Type: Wildlife Computers SPLASH10-F-400
Data Collected: GPS Location, Depth, Light Level and Water Temperature
Expected Lifespan of Tag: 12 months depending on battery life

kahunaDistance From Juno Beach: 213 Kilometers (132 miles)
Current Water Temperature: 26.2° C (79.16° F)
Nearest City: Bimini, Bahamas
Recent Coordinates: 25.11, -79.14


Click map below to download Three Month Update Graphic PDF.

Final Update 2/20/2013
Kahuna’s last transmission was sent on February 20, 2013. The turtle was still located in the shallow waters of the Great Bahama Bank when we received the last signal.

Flyer 2

Three Month Update
Since September 26th, Kahuna has remained in the warm shallow waters along the Great Bahama Bank. Many Loggerheads are known to forage in this area for long periods of time. Data continues to show that she diving and behaving normally. We will continue to update her status if there is any new information to report, or if she leaves the area.

After spending a few days northeast of Bimini, Kahuna began moving south.  She is now along the Great Bahama Bank east of Andros Island.  Since leaving Juno Beach back in July, Kahuna has travelled at least 1,959 kilometers (1,200 miles)  she has slowed down once again and appears to be located along a reef that is about 60ft deep.

Kahuna continues to spend her time about 90 miles southeast of Juno Beach just northeast of Bimini in the Bahamas.  She is in water that is about 20ft deep and her transmitter is performing as programmed.

Kahuna has been spending her time near the wreck of the “Hesperus” in the waters north of Bimini.  We are very happy that Kahuna appears to be behaving like a normal healthy loggerhead sea turtle.

For the past few days Kahuna has been located near the wreck of the “Hesperus” in the shallow waters north of Bimini.  This is an area that is known to host a large population of loggerhead sea turtles.  Do you think Kahuna has made it home? Here most recent location is here:

Kahuna still continues to travel south in the Bahamas.  As of 8/30/12, she was swimming just north of Bimini about 88 miles southeast of Loggerhead Marinelife Center.  This area is home to large sea grass beds.

Arrival in the Bahamas!  Kahuna arrived at Abaco in the Islands of the Bahamas on 8/21/2012.  She is currently in the shallow waters of the Little Bahama Bank.  Take a look at the area of her most recent location, click here.  Looks like a beautiful spot for an adult Loggerhead!

Kahuna is travelling south along the eastern edge of the Florida Current towards islands of the Bahamas.  Data relayed by her satellite transmitter indicate that she is behaving normally.

After travelling south along the east coast of Florida for about 4 weeks, Kahuna has turned to the north.  She is currently near the eastern boundary of the Florida Current/ Gulf Stream. Sea turtles and other marine life often use these current boundaries to forage. Where do you think Kahuna will travel next?

Kahuna is now located near the shallow reefs off Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Since leaving Juno Beach on July 7th, she has travelled about 135 miles.  While she is travelling quite close to shore, the data relayed to us show that she is swimming and diving like a typical loggerhead sea turtle.

Kahuna’s transmitter has now switched to a new duty cycle to save battery power and allow us to track her for as long as possible. While her tag is in this mode, data will be collected every 10 seconds, but it will only be relayed to us every few days. She appears to be behaving normally and is now south of LMC near the Boynton Inlet.

Kahuna is meandering just offshore near Juno Beach after swimming south from the St. Lucie Inlet to the Lake Worth Inlet. She is swimming over the local reefs which range in depth from 60ft to 80ft.

After spending a bit of time near the St. Lucie Inlet, Kahuna has started to head south.  She is currently north of the Jupiter Inlet about 7 miles from Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

Before release, Kahuna was outfitted with a Wildlife Computers SPLASH10-F-400 tag. This tag records location, depth, light level, and temperature. Kahuna is transmitting well. After release, Kahuna headed north. She was approximately 10 miles offshore just north of the St. Lucie Inlet before she began heading south again. She is currently about 9 miles off of northern Jupiter Island near Hobe Sound.

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