Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Transferred patient (CM23-15)

Arrival Date: February 2, 2023
Stranding Location: Pompano Beach Pier

Admission Weight: 11.3 lbs.
Current Weight: 11.0 lbs.

Initial Condition: Boat strike

Valentine is a juvenile green that was caught at the Pompano Beach Pier. Hook was located in the esophagus and has line entanglement injury on plastron. The hook was surgically removed at Gumbo Limbo. Plastron wound still needs to heal. Currently on antibiotics and wound care with silver sulfadiazine (SSD) cream.


Sea_turtle_icon(green) Good Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Fair Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(red)Poor Condition

Patient requires continued treatment but is progressing well.

Minor adjustments have been made to the patient's treatment.

Patient is off all medications.


4/7/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Valentine was successfully released on Tuesday, April 7.

3/31/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green) Valentine has be cleared for release. Pending FWC approval.

3/24/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

3/17/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)New patient.