Patient Zia


Species: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
(CC 23-105)

Arrival Date: July 3, 2023
Stranding Location: St. Lucie Inlet

Admission Weight: 27.78 kg., 61.0 lbs.
Current Weight: 29.02 kg., 63.8 lbs.

Initial Condition: Debilitated

Zia is a juvenile loggerhead found floating near St. Lucie Inlet. Very anemic and thin. Received a blood transfusion. Current treatment includes antibiotics, fluids, and TPN.


Sea_turtle_icon(green) Good Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Fair Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(red)Poor Condition

Patient requires continued treatment but is progressing well.

Minor adjustments have been made to the patient's treatment.

Patient is off all medications.


9/22/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Due to Zia being so thin at intake, she has developed pressure sores on her plastron and flippers. Her tank has sand now to help cushion these pressure points. Current treatment is antibiotics and wound care.

9/15/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

9/8/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

9/1/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Zia's floating has resolved. Current treatment is antibiotics.

8/25/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

8/18/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Zia has started floating and spending more time at the surface. Radiographs indicate pneumonia. Current treatment is antibiotics.

8/11/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Her anemia has improved but her red cell count is still quite low. Her recent fecal was negative.

8/4/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

7/28/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

7/21/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Zia has started eating.

7/14/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Received a second blood transfusion. Current treatment includes antibiotics, fluids, and TPN.

7/7/2023 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)New patient.