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Title: Sanjita Rishikesan - Crush Currently
Author: Deleted user
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Description: My piece was inspired by the sea turtle from the movie, Finding Nemo, Crush, who is depicted swimming through a clean current alongside jellyfish. I wanted to show what some places in the world look like now, and how that scene in the movie would’ve looked in real life. It fits in the category “Knows No Boundaries” because the art-style itself is intersectional. I am an Indian - American, so I used my knowledge of western art as well as traditional Indian Madhubani influences to show how this tragedy is happening all over the world, and how all the oceans are connected even though the people are separated by cultures. I researched heavily on this subject before creating my art, and added the plastic bags to indicate how many sea turtles eat jellyfish, and easily mistake these bags to be jellyfish. In my piece, the sea turtle’s shell is transparent, showing us all the trash and pollution that the turtle has been ingesting.

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