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Virtual Coastal Classrom - Week 9

All videos can be viewed on this page after the LIVE!  *Teachers, please note this does not take you to Facebook*

Monday, May 11 - Watersheds

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist educator, Casey, discusses watersheds, their importance, and the impacts humans can have on them. Learn all about how watersheds are defined, where water goes and how we are all connected by our waterways!

At-home activity (grades 3-8): Make a Watershed

Tuesday, May 12 - Elasmobranchs

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist educator, Lindsay, explores cartilaginous fishes known as the subclass, Elasmobranchii. Learn all about sharks, rays, and sawfish including biology, adaptations, conservation, and more!

At-home Activity (Grades 3-8): Lateral Line Relay

Wednesday, May 13 - Lighting & Wildlife

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist, Enya explores some of the impacts lighting and light pollution can have on the “nightlife” of wildlife! Have you ever wondered what impacts your TV in the window could have on a nesting sea turtle? What about the impacts of street light on nocturnal birds?  During this program, guests will explore the ways that light pollution affects wildlife, and the ways we can reduce the impacts!

At-Home Activity (Grades 3 - 8): At-Home Lighting Survey

Thursday, May 14 - The Sargasso Sea

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist, Enya, explores a unique and crucial floating habitat found just offshore: the Sargasso Sea. Sea turtle hatchlings head for this sea when they hatch, and many species spend the beginning of their lives in the shelter of the sargassum. There are even species that can only be found in the Sargasso Sea - and nowhere else! During this program, guests will learn about sargassum,the Sargasso Sea, and the importance of sargassum to marine life!

At-home Activity (Grades 6 -12): Exploring Gyres

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