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Dear Friend of Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC),

It’s been a year. Since the pandemic began, the whole world has been holding its breath to see what else might be around the corner.

In the last decade alone, we’ve undergone nail-biting hurricanes, 8,000 barrels worth of crude oil going into our seas, and harmful red tide that has plagued our marine life. Additionally, 2020 has brought even more tumultuous times than we could have never imagined due to COVID-19.

In mid-March, we had to close our doors, pause programming, and reevaluate grants and sources of funding that were affected. But while it’s easy to count our losses, we must also celebrate the many wins that our team was able to achieve this year.

“The collective pause that the world succumbed to was a sigh of relief for marine life,” said LMC Director of Research, Dr. Justin Perrault. “This was a time where we could be the leader of ocean conservation and especially as we found ourselves in the middle of nesting season.”

Our experts in sea turtle rehabilitation have driven innovation
in ways the world has never seen.

Dr. Charlie Manire and Dr. Max Polyak performed surgery on our sea turtle patient, Topsy, to place the first-ever Inconel implant between the caudal end of the plastron and the muscles lining the coelomic cavity. If proven successful, this procedure could correct Topsy’s elevated caudal carapace and buoyancy disorder and could treat more patients that were once considered non-releasable.

Also, our hospital staff has continued their invaluable partnership with Jupiter Medical Center (JMC) to help conduct CT scans for patients like Suzanne and Zubey. Routine CT scans at JMC have the potential to quickly identify a patients’ condition and help to develop tailored therapies for their full recovery.

Thanks to the support of our friends in Palm Beach County and across the globe, we have accomplished even more.

  • We now serve as the flagship US sea turtle hospital for the Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance (STRA), which exists as a global network of sea turtle rescue and conservation facilities.
  • STRA seeks to advance sea turtle medicine, health and conservation through cloud-based collaboration, training and data sharing.
  • Our very own Dr. Max Polyak sits as one of the founding members to provide cutting-edge veterinary care through telemedicine technology. This will allow greater access to life-saving therapies and techniques for sea turtles.
Sea Turtle Suzanne, Heads Back Home

While our team has been able to innovate new solutions to help sea turtles, threats to marine life are still a major reality.

  • It’s anticipated that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050 (World Economic Forum).
  • The accidental bycatch of sea turtles due to fishing gear is still very prevalent, which may cause drowning, injuries, debilitation or even death.
  • Man-made coastal development is negatively altering our natural nesting sites.
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Making Waves of Progress

We want to stay on a successful course, however, we face the stark reality of financial hardships as a nonprofit organization. Our two-month closure, and the months following, prevented us from welcoming an estimated 70,000 guests on campus and forced us to cancel several signature events. To this end, we are bracing ourselves for a major shortfall in revenue due to COVID-19 impacts.

Despite projections, we have an opportunity to bounce back with the help of generous supporters like you. Our mantra is “the sea turtle tells us the health of the ocean and the ocean tells us the health of our planet.” And if they’ve told us anything, it’s that the health of our oceans and planet can’t wait. If you haven’t had the opportunity, we kindly ask that you invest in our mission to protect our oceans, marine life, and overall future.

Now more than ever, we need your help. Please make a tax-deductible gift to our annual fund, so together, we can continue to be the voice these magnificent sea turtles deserve.

With your help, we can continue to pioneer lifesaving solutions for sea turtles!

Thank you and our best to you and yours.

With Gratitude,

Pamela Dyar, CAP
Director of Development
Loggerhead Marinelife Center

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Charity Navigator

Your continued support of our Center's mission is a responsible and impactful investment in education, conservation, research, and rehabilitation. In 2020, we received the highest ranking available from Charity Navigator for the seventh consecutive year. Demonstrating our commitment to donors who invest their funds effectively, we are committed to responsible management of your investment and are proud that LMC ranks among the most responsible top 7% of charities in the nation.