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We are grateful for your continued generosity.

Thanks to your support for our mission, we are a recognized leader in sea turtle health and ocean conservation
— in Florida and around our beautiful blue planet.

Sea turtles are global migrators who visit numerous ocean habitats during their journeys. Sea turtles serve as a key indicator of ocean health.

One of the sea turtle patients you helped us rehabilitate is Sylvia, named in honor of famed oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle.

The subadult female Loggerhead was found floating in distress in the St. Lucie Inlet and brought to our Sea Turtle Hospital. She weighed 230 pounds.

After initial evaluation from our hospital staff and volunteers, Sylvia was diagnosed with anemia and traumatic injuries to her left rear flipper. She received nutrients to stabilize her and laser treatments to heal the wounds on her flipper. She got four months of loving care in our Hospital, gaining 20 pounds. Once healed, a joyous crowd cheered as she was released to her ocean home off Juno Beach.

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Why saving subadult and adult sea turtles is so critically important:

The odds of a hatchling surviving to reproductive adulthood are roughly one in a 1,000.
When we save a sea turtle in or entering its reproductive years, we help save the species.

With Your Generous Support We Have:

Pioneered TPN, a nutrition infusion and Red Tide Detox Therapy, a treatment that is saving lives and increasing the odds of survival for sea turtles sickened by this deadly illness.

Collaborated with facilities worldwide to share our knowledge and innovative treatments that you helped us create. As Dr. Barron says, “It is not ‘only’ the hundreds of sea turtles we save each year here in Juno Beach – imagine the many thousands we can save around the globe.”

With your help, together we will  improve the odds that our children and grandchildren will get to witness these majestic creatures nesting on our beaches and swimming in our ocean.

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Your continued support of our Center's mission is a responsible and impactful investment in education, conservation, research, and rehabilitation. In 2021, we received the highest ranking available from Charity Navigator for the eighth consecutive year. Demonstrating our commitment to donors who invest their funds effectively, we are committed to responsible management of your investment and are proud that LMC ranks among the most responsible top 6% of charities in the nation.

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