Together, We Can Turn the Tide!

Dear Friend of Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC),

On behalf of our staff and volunteer community, we want to thank you for your support of our mission and impact. You are helping us transform our efforts to become an industry leader for sea turtle health and ocean conservation, in Florida and increasingly around our beautiful blue planet.

Sea turtles are global migrators who visit numerous ocean habitats during their journeys. Sea turtles serve as one of the best indicators of ocean health.

Reflecting back on 2019, one of the sea turtle patients you helped us to rehabilitate is Seiche (pronounced Say-Sh). This patient was named after a specific type of ocean wave and arrived to The Sea Turtle Hospital at LMC in grave condition.

Seiche was originally found floating in the Intracoastal waterway, extremely ill. After initial evaluation from our hospital staff and loving volunteers, Seiche was diagnosed with red tide toxicity. Seiche’s condition was not good, however, because of your help and our innovative technologies, we held out hope

Seiche ILE treatment (1)

Innovating New Solutions And Creating Second Chances

  • Red tide poisoning is a critical threat to thousands of sea turtles in Florida and around the globe. Pioneering innovative treatments for this illness is imperative to saving the species.
  • Due to your generous support, LMC's Director of Rehabilitation, Dr. Charles Manire, in collaboration with LMC's Director of Research, Dr. Justin Perrault, were able to pilot an innovative “Red Tide Detox Therapy,” known as ILE* that was administered to Seiche. This therapy is now being used at multiple facilities in the state of Florida with lifesaving results! Groundbreaking treatments such as this would not be possible without your help.
  • Merely two weeks after administering the ILE therapy, Seiche’s symptoms had completely resolved. With one month’s stay in our hospital, with care from our staff, love from our volunteers, and your support, Seiche returned home to the beautiful blue ocean.

With Your Support We Have:

  • Pioneered our Red Tide Detox Therapy, a treatment that is saving lives and increasing the odds of survival for sea turtles sickened by this deadly illness.
  • Collaborated with facilities worldwide to help deploy our knowledge and innovative treatment that you helped us create. As Dr. Charles Manire says, It is not ‘only’ the hundreds of sea turtles we save each year here in Juno Beach – imagine the many thousands we can save around the globe.” With your help, together we will improve the odds that our children and grandchildren will get to witness these majestic creatures ‘flying’ through our beautiful oceans.

Sea Turtles Are Facing New Threats, Your Support Helps us to:

  • Improve ocean water quality
  • Reduce global marine pollution (ocean plastic)
  • Rehabilitate more sick and injured sea turtles

Now more than ever, we need your help. Please make a tax deductible gift to our annual fund, so together, we can continue to be the voice these sea turtles deserve.

Making Waves of Progress

Your continued support of our Center's mission is a responsible and impactful investment in education, conservation, research, and rehabilitation. In 2019 LMC received its sixth consecutive highest rank from Charity Navigator. Demonstrating our commitment to our donors to invest their funds effectively. We are committed to responsible management of your investment and are proud that LMC ranks among the most responsible top 8% of charities in the nation.


With your help, we can continue to innovate and deploy new lifesaving solutions for sea turtles and their ocean home!

Thank you for being Seiche’s hero! Together, we can turn the tide on conservation and make Waves of Progress. Thank you for helping us amplify our sea turtle and ocean conservation impact across our beautiful blue planet!

With Gratitude,

Jack E. Lighton, President & CEO
Loggerhead Marinelife Center

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