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Thank you for your continued support, every little bit counts!

Please email info@marinelife.org to make arrangements.

Acrylic Paint
Band Aids
Cardstock -110 lb.
Children’s Fishing Poles & tackle
Children’s Scissors

Data-capable iPads
Elmer’s School Glue
Gift Cards (Grocery, Hardware, Gas, Restaurant, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Publix, Dominoes, Visa, etc.)
Lamination Sheets - 3M
Manilla folders (legal paper size)
Night Scopes
Personal Flotation Devices (child and adult life jackets)

Pens (blue or black ink)
Rechargeable Batteries (AA and D)
Reef-safe sunblock 
Shower/bath towels (small)

Tripod Stands
Underwater Digital Camera & Memory Cards (SD)

15 Passenger Van/Transit for students and program participant transport

Garden golves
Garbage bags (large, black)
Home Depot gift cards
Nitrile/latex gloves (all sizes)
Tarps (small to medium)

Event Sponsors
Silent Auction Items

New POS system

Dish Soap & Hand Soap
Bath/Beach Towels
Bleach (concentrate – NOT the splash free)
Gallon Ziplock Bags
Green Scrub Pads (Without the sponge)
Heavy Duty Scour Pads (without sponges)
Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)
Laundry Detergent - Free & Clear
Pads - 3M DoodleBug pads Brown and White
Paper Towels
Simple Green Cleaner
Tupperware Containers (New)
Zep Commercial Professional Sprayers 32oz
*Before donating any medical supplies or medications, please contact our hospital staff (aisaac@marinelife.org)

D7200 Nikon Digital SLR Camera
Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G Prime
Social Media Analytics Software
Campus-wide Digital Signage

6 Foot long folding tables
CPR classes for staff
Gift Cards - Home Depot
Hammer Drill
Table Saw
Pole Saw
6x12 enclosed trailer
Shipping containers for storage - 20 foot
ATV or utility vehicle
Fuel storage tank - please inquire with operations (brobertson@mairnelife.org)
Campus generator
Small aquarium 10-40 gallons
Small aquarium filters 10-40 gallons
Batteries (all types)
Shop towels/rags
Paper towels
Zip ties
Windex, bleach and simple green
Paint supplies: trays, rollers, pads, brushes, drop cloths
Garbage bags (all sizes)
Garden hoses
White distilled vinegar - gallon jugs
Cans of table salt
Offsite storage accommodations
Crew cab pickup truck 2015 or newer

Batteries (AAA and AA)
Beach Towels
Bungee cords (48 inch)
Headlamps that include a red light feature
Latex gloves
Marsh X-10 black markers
Micro SD card
Pencils (#2)
Plastic milk crates 19’’ x 3’’ x 11’’
Ram Mount Large Size Aqua Box
Rubber Bands
SD card reader to USB
Soft measuring tapes
Tank Saddlebags for ATVs
Trupulse 200 or 200L Laser Rangefinders
Turtle Stranding Vehicle
WD-40 Gallon size can
WD-40 plastic spray applicator
Waterproof compasses
Waterproof Clipboards
Wood Stakes (3ft)
Write in Rain Copier Paper
Ziplock bags (gallon or two-gallon size)
Zipties (8 inch)

Restaurant booths X2 - standard size (new or gently used)
Non-Perishable Food & Beverages
Volunteer Appreciation Party Sponsor (We have over 400 volunteers)
Volunteer Scheduling Software