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Our campus closed to the public on Monday March 16th however, our lifesaving work in our sea turtle hospital and on our local beaches continues. Our sea turtles are safe and receiving world-class care. Be sure to stay up to date on COVID-19 updates on our blog!

Our innovative educators have moved our programs to the online environment so we can help contribute to the education of eager minds of all ages during these unprecedented times. 

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Virtual Coastal Classrom - Week 5

All videos can be viewed on this page after the LIVE!  *Teachers, please note this does not take you to Facebook*

Monday, April 13 - Sea Turtle Senses

We use our sense of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch to explore the world around us, but do sea turtles have similar senses to humans? They do! Tune in as Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist, Casey, talks about the senses sea turtles use to explore the depth of the ocean and how they may be similar to our own!

At home activity for all ages: Return to your Natal Beach

Tuesday, April 14 - All About Algae and Harmful Algal Blooms

Have you ever wondered what that green fuzz growth in your fish tank is? It’s algae! And you may even be eating it in your food! Tune in to our biologist, Lindsay, to learn all about algae including the different types of algae, how it grows (photosynthesis), the ecological role of algae, and what happens when algae blooms!

At home activity for all ages: Algae All Around Us!

Wednesday, April 15 - Sustainable Living

Tune in to our Conservation Manager, Katie, as she discusses ways to live more sustainably in order to conserve our natural resources and protect the environment. Learn about simple alternatives to your everyday life to strive towards zero waste!

At home activity for all ages: Zero Waste Challenge!

Thursday, April 16 - Aquatic Invasive Species

Dive into our Invasive Species tank and learn about one of the threats facing our oceans today! Learn about native and invasive species in Florida waters, and watch LIVE as our biologists feed the lionfish in our educational aquaria! Throughout this experience, you will learn about why these lionfish are so dangerous to local marine ecosystems.

At-home activity (Grades K - 8): Make an Invasive Species “WANTED” Poster

Friday, April 17 -Animal Classifications

Fur, feathers, scales? Do mammals have feathers or fur? Are reptiles warm or cold blooded? What is a vertebrate? Is that lizard on the sidewalk a reptile or amphibian? If these sound like questions you want the answers to, tune in to learn about how scientists classify animals based on their characteristics!

At-home activity (Grades 3-6): Animal Classifications Word Search
At-home activity (Grades K-6): Animal Classifications Drawing Challenge

Weekend Patient Updates

Tune in Saturday & Sunday at 11 a.m. est. for an inside look at our sea turtle hospital. Learn about each patient and the treatments they are receiving. Our work never stops.