STEM Classroom Activites


School Outreaches

School Outreaches consist of a brief lesson on sea turtle ecology and conservation followed by an activity that best suits the needs of the class.  This could be a story, a craft, or a group activity.  We are always happy to customize outreach programs and leave plenty of time at the end of the lesson for student questions.  Please note, we cannot bring any live turtles to outreaches. Programs for K-5/6-8/9-12

Cost: $125.00
Capacity: Max 30 students.
Outreaches may consist of several 30-minute rotations to accommodate larger groups.


Save Our Seas Classroom Kit

Bring ocean conservation to your classroom by checking out this all-inclusive kit to help teachers talk about trash to their students! Interactive activities will ensure students take home the important concept of reducing the impact on marine life and our oceans. Kit includes: classroom presentation, NGSSS aligned lesson plans for grades 3-5 and 6-8, all activity supplies, and a comprehensive marine debris class display.

Cost: $40 per week
Capacity: Unlimited

To book Debris-Free Seas Classroom kit, please contact

adoption block

Classroom Adoptions

Teachers can purchase any sea turtle adoption package for a discounted price by contacting Liz at

Campus Conservation

Campus Conservation: Debris Cleanup

Help Us understand what debris items are having the biggest impact on school campuses by conducting your own campu cleanup and submitting your data to our citizen science program.

Classroom resources

Classroom Resources

Bring marine science into any classroom using our teacher resources and curriculum by grade level for extended classroom learning.


College & University Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures from LMC staff are available for college and university classrooms, lecture halls and extracurricular meetings year-round. We are always happy to customize marine-science related topics and leave plenty of time at the end of the lecture for student questions. Please note, we cannot bring any live turtles to any off-site programs.

Cost: Free. Dependent on LMC staff availability.
Capacity: Max 60 students.

To book a Guest Lecture, please contact