Seventh Annual Juno Beach Pier Photo Contest

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Rules & Prizes


 Submissions open July 1 and run until July 31.

Photos must reveal one’s own “pier-spective” of the iconic Juno Beach Pier in some way. All submissions will be uploaded to LMC’s website for the public to vote on!

LMC will showcase and announce the grand prize winner and additional winners on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. The grand prize winner’s photo will be featured as the official Juno Beach Pier Facebook profile picture and will receive a gift store voucher, 2nd, & 3rd place will be printed and showcased until photo exhibition concludes. Select photos will also appear on the official Juno Beach Pier Instagram.

Contestants may submit one high-resolution photo (iPhone photos are accepted) via website portal at, or via email to by July 31 to be entered in the contest.