Leatherback Blog

Leatherback Spotlight: “Aussie”

By Justin Perrault | April 17, 2020 |

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Leatherback Project, dedicated to researching nesting leatherback sea turtles.

The Guiding Light to Inspire Young Minds: Ocean Explorers After Dark

By Justin Perrault | November 29, 2019 |

At LMC, we encourage discovery, innovation and exploration! Our latest rolled-out program will feature various themes, including Sea Turtles 101, Creatures of the Deep, Nesting Season, Ocean Conservation and more!

Blue Friday – Self Guided Beach Cleanup

By Justin Perrault | November 27, 2019 |

Near or far, participate in LMC’s Blue Friday #OptOutside activities

‘Tis the Season for Sustainability!

By Justin Perrault | November 25, 2019 |

‘Tis the Season with Sustainability at LMC’s Blue Friday event.

Don’t be a trash turkey! Seven tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration

By Justin Perrault | November 24, 2019 |

As we give thanks this holiday season, follow these simple, eco-friendly tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration! Buy locally and sustainably. Shop at your local farmer’s market and don’t forget…

Loggerhead Marinelife Center saves our seas by recycling 272,595 Halloween candy wrappers

By Justin Perrault | November 21, 2019 |

Loggerhead Marinelife Center saves our seas by recycling 272,595 Halloween candy wrappers.

LMC invites Deaf community members to attend its Annual Blue Friday event!

By Justin Perrault | November 19, 2019 |

Beginning in 2018, Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) launched American Sign Language (ASL) friendly programming and events, thanks to the help of advocate and deaf staff member, Jennifer Reilly. A member…

Celebrating the 4th and final “R” on National Recycling Day

By Justin Perrault | November 15, 2019 |

LMC celebrates National Recycling Day by promoting ways to reduce waste production.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center dives into conservation at annual DEMA conference in search of dive shops to host underwater cleanups

By Justin Perrault | November 12, 2019 |

LMC seeks dive shops located in close proximity to RPI piers to host quarterly underwater cleanups.

“Lilly Pulitzer Day” recognizes a Palm Beach Fashion Icon and gets the ‘juice flowing’ for Lilly Pulitzer’s Beach Bash Palm Beach

By Justin Perrault | November 10, 2019 |

In 1959, Lilly Pulitzer made her debut among a sea of daring fashion icons and the vibrant and chic clothing line revolutionized resort wear, and continues to set-the-tone for the…