Citizen Science To-Go Kits

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Water Quality Monitoring Citizen Science Kit

Calling all Citizen Scientists! Join Loggerhead Marinelife Center in our mission to monitor the water quality of our local aquatic ecosystems (both fresh and saltwater habitats). Monitoring water quality helps scientists determine the health of the ecosystem and identify necessary conservation efforts in specific areas. As a part of our citizen science program, you can reserve a Water Quality Monitoring kit by emailing or by calling 561-627-8280. Our citizen science check-out kits provide you with all tools necessary for measuring and analyzing water parameters such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and water clarity. All data collected will be used for science! Thank you for supporting the protection and conservation of our local aquatic ecosystems.

These citizen science kits are for check-out at LMC. Please call or email to reserve a kit for check-out, you will also be required to fill out a check-out agreement upon picking up the kit. You must reserve a kit ahead of pickup. The kit contains supplies necessary for testing water parameters and can be done in both fresh and saltwater ecosystems. The kit also contains a USB with instructions, Virtual Coastal Classroom video on water quality, and extra data sheets. All data will be submitted to EarthEcho's Water Challenge. The kits can be check-out for a maximum of one week.